Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reposting - 4th July - Solitary Love

04 July 2005

A Weekend of Solitary Love

A man got to do, what a horny 16 years old boy got to do.

I decided NOT to see anyone over the weekend, and spend sometime alone at home.

It was fun, catching up on books, DVDs and of course myself.

I cleaned. I cooked. I ate. All in nude glory. OK. Don't worry, i got all the curtains drawn. I do not wish to flash at my neighbours...or show my extra fats around.

I got around finishing 2 DVDs. And i whipped out some of my old porns...

As they say, the rest is history.

I think i came hard and long. I don't know, it was a complete daze. It was as if i had a non stop orgy with myself.

I touched myself. I stroke my hard shaft. I played with my dick head. I used the Minyak Cap Kapak. I used the body cream. I shaved myself again.

Today, my dick felt worned. It had the pain usually associated with too much sex.

The morning erection was a sore.

But i had a good weekend.

I'm supposed to see M tonite...lets see if i had anymore cum to cum, or at least to cover her side or the other... ;-)

And i think my dick grew some new muscle because of all the straining, because of the holding back. I simply love the feeling, when i was about to cum, i back off, by the third time you does that, your cock will twitch, every sense in your body would tingle. You could see pre cum and cums ooozinggg out. The you stroke again, to the next biggest orgasm you could give yourself...

And no, i don't need any pies... but this website certainly helped in a way, or two ;-)

Male Masturbation Technique

I might ask M to give me one of those, tonite, for a change ;-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Reposting - 9th July - Twice Lucky Night Session

09 July 2005

Twice Lucky - Night Session

Hey everyone, it's the chap with the bloken england back again narrating his other sexploit with C after finish doing M in the afternoon.

I know this is way overdue, if C didn't take any shower or bath after the session, i'm sure the cum on her body would had all gone by now; flaked off and fall down to be eaten by those ants.

OK, I know that's some gross explaination there, but i'm here to write/tell/story and i have every intention to NOT tell only those NICE things that would and could happen (like the story about the Yeast infested P1)

Anyway, Where did i stop? Oh ya, C called and said she will come over and buy dinner. Later that day, i called her back and told her that i'll buy dinner and see her at her place. Got to chance the *trend* a bit la. Also, it is because the pad was a wee bit, err, dirty after the weekend rendevous with Madam hand and her 4 Daughters.

Her son was with her mum. Granma wanted to pamper him and that is why C called, as she didn't want to waste the free time she had.

C called when she was leaving her office and i went to grab the MC D's chicken foldover. It's her favourite as she say that it reminds her of me, eating her (well, it doesn't help with that particular fast food looking like some pussy, right?) and she derives pleasure of seeing me eat the foldover, with those garlic mayo and fresh tomato oozing out with every bite. It started when i once ate it and showed her how it almost resembled her pussy, with me licking the foldover's creases and sucking on the vegetable that was falling off...and teasingly flicking the chicken patty like it's her clit.

C moved into a Condo not too far from where i am. Nice place i would say, cosy and not overly fake or being like some *poseur* pad.

She opened her door, only in her top and panties (of course she look before she opened the door via the peep hole la!).


We had dinner in the kitchen. Again, teasingly tease her and reminding how it is like to lick and eat her while i'm having sex with the foldover. She kept slapping my back whenever i delibarately flick on the edge and bite the bread and the chicken patty. We catch up with her her day's work and i've always have good mental stimulus talking with her. We might not agree on a lot of issues, when it comes to politics, economic or religion issues, but we both agree that all this could be amen-ed once we get down and dirty, or should i say, get down and happy?

The dinner was quick, i did the wiping and some washing up and she went out with 2 cups of coffee to her living room. I follow suit after.

I sat next to her, watching whatever they have on the CNN that evening. Sipping coffee and just lightly touching each other got the better of her. She loves me playing playfully on her shoulder, light touches over her nape and running of my finger tips over her skin. She has loads of fine hair on her arms. She always enjoyed running her fingers over the hair below my navel.

She was lying down on my thighs and playing with the hair when she asked if she could suck me proper.

I excused myself and went to the toilet. To make sure that i'm clean la, what else, eventhough i took a shower and cleaned myself, but i'm paranoid when it comes to cleaniness. I expect my woman to be clean, and i should be clean for them as well. M and C knows about that. I'm not circumcised, but that doesn't mean that i'm dirty.

I came back, only in my brief. With my hard on showing and the tip of my cock peeping out from the top of the garter. She was already stripped off her top by the time i saw her.

I bend over to kiss her as she lied down on her sofa, we frenched for a while, biting and tugging lightly at each other's lips. My free hand was cupping her breast while anohter was propping against the top of the sofa for balance.

i squeezed her right breast upwards, ending at her nipples, which i lightly pinched as i continued kissing her deeply. I moved away, licking her earlobe and moving my tougue inside the creases of her ears. My left hand continued to play with her breast and nipple, going from the left to the right breast and all over her torso.

I moved her away from the inner side of the sofa, so i could get more space for both my hand to balance while i slowly run my lips and the tip of my tougue over her breast, circling about and just missing her nipples. She pushed her breast towards me, almost begging for me to take her nipples inside my mouth and devour them.

"please, please, suck my nipples, please", she begged.

it was only after she begged the second time that i sank my tougue, pressing against her hard nipples with my tougue into her breast, impaling them and sucking, biting, nibbling and at the same time, playing with them as i held them lightly between my teeth.

She moaned.

And moaned.

I moved further down. Licking her tummy, caressing her waist and hips with the tip of my fingers and rough palm. i placed both my hand on the side of her panties. Without asking, i pulled it off.

That made her moved her hips up as i pulled it out with a strong tug, leaving them on the floor as i slowly spread her thighs while kissing her deeply again.

I repeated the same route i took, all over again, this time, starting from the opposite side where i didn't pay any attention to.

By the time i reached her navel, her hands were pressing against my head, pushing me to go down furhter.

I was already sitting on the carpet, with her upper body on the sofa and her hips and leg contorted in such way that she had both her feet on the ground, spread.

I licked and kissed her inner thigh, peeping at her wet pussy. Her juices was flowing alright. No woman in her aroused state would deny that she isn't aroused at this point of time. I licked and continued to kiss her inner thigh, sending goosebumps everytime i planted a small kiss while sucking them, almost like wanting to leave a hicky.

"spread your pussy for me baby", i told her.

She held out her hands, spread her labia, exposing her clit, which peek slightly out from her hood and her juices which were spread to the lower part of her pussy.

My hard on was painful. It stings. But i was throbbing. And i'm having too much fun to stop. The pain went off the longer i licked and suck on C.

I had my nose on her clit as i was fucking her with my tougue. Occasionally, i asked her to lift her legs up and hold it while i rim her asshole. She loves it. Love to see her shiver and her anus puckering up as my licking and circling gets more intense. My saliva and her juices mixed and it dribble down to her ass. She's completely wet.

I ate her and fingered her, first with one finger, then with 2 and i ended it with 3 inside her which passed my second knuckles. Being notti, i stuck my index finger slowly into her asshole. She didn't mind it. As her muscle ease, i slowly entered my finger, lubricated with my saliva and her juices into her ass.

it felt funny. The grip was strong. I could feel my finger in her pussy. I kept my index finger there while i ate her and finger fucked her until she came. The force was strong as my index finger was pushed out from her anus and i felt her pussy spasming as she tensed her whole body and let out more moans and sighs, which sounded like small quite scream.

I have this bad habit of pleasing my woman before i fuck them.

She knows it. M knows it. They knows it.

We moved to her bed after she regained her composure. Cheek red and her nipples slightly hard, i hugged here from behind as we throdded into her bedroom.

She wants me to do her doggy.

She bended over the edge of the bed. As she wasn't tall, i let her step on my leg as she find the perfect angle for my cock to penetrate her.

Her pussy was getting a bit dry, as my saliva dissolves her juices. I wet the outer lips of her pussy with my saliva and the head of my cock.

I positioned over her entrance and asked her what she wanted.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Baby" She pleaded.

"please...", she added.

I sank my hard throbbing sore cock into her pussy. Inch by inch as i look at him disappearing into her cunt. At that position, i knew i hit her cervix. I pressed harder. Some woman loves to have their cervix pressed with loads of pressure, some says it's painful. C, i guessed, wants it to be battered by the tip of my cock.

And i began the rocking. PUlling in and out of her, watching her labia pulling my cock as i withdraw. And slowly impaling her like a drill looking for oil, slowly and running my fingernails on her hips and butt.

She responded by taking my hand, and placing them on her butt and asking me to squeeze them as i fuck her.

In return, i asked her to play with herself, while i'm fucking her.

As i was gathering speed, as my motion become faster and more intense with deep long stroke and hard slamming, she moved her finger faster, occasionally stopping to grab and feel my throbbing cock going in and out of her with her index and middle finger while still using her thumb on the same hand to rub against her clit.

I was cumming when she collapsed. Pulling me down with her onto the bed, with my body on top of her.

Her breathing became uncontrolable as she came, with her hair covering a portion of her face while her butt spasm and her knee buckled.

My cock was out of her pussy when that happen, and i know she wanted me to just hug her, as she savour every single sensation of her body and cunt, cumming and coming alive.

As her breathing gets regular, i turned her around, gave her a kiss and spread her and entered her and fucked her until i spew all my cum, whatever it has after the long weekend and session with M, all over her breast and body. It was sheer lust and animalistic fucking that i gave her in those last minutes of fucking as she cringe her face, savouring every single stroke of my cock and the warm jist on her tummy.

We finished the cold coffee and i hang around before leaving. Completely satiated. I know she does too, at least she could go to bed, 30 minutes before i do.

My cock were sore for the next 2 days. M recovered after a day and C kept poking me about my index finger in her ass. Saying that i should had entered her in the back, as that was her intention that night...

How WOULD I know...i'm only human, afterall...

P.s-i ran the above writing through Word's dictionary and grammar check. Perhaps, it could go down better with English Teacher now.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Reposting - 5th July - Twice Lucky Afternoon Session

05 July 2005
Twice Lucky - Afternoon Session
I left work early yesterday. Reason was because M was on leave. For a change, we didn't go back to my place. I picked her up at one of the shopping complex in Subang.

I've always has this strange feeling for female in office clothes. Empowering. Perhaps it was fuelled by the fact that there is absolutely NO female in my office and anything in skirts are a fair game. OK. That is pushing it. What i really meant is that, there is no decent female in the office.

Anyway, i since M was on leave, she was in more casual clothings. Minis and halter neck. Looks good enough with school girl charms. Her Mini was of the flairing type. Those that you hope wind would blow and gives you a peek at what's underneath. But that never happen, don't they?

"hi babe", she chirped as she enters the car.

I smiled and gave her a peck on her cheek.

"BF not around today?", i asked.

"oh, he is in Singapore for work, won't be back until later this week", she answered while running her hand behind my head.

We both knows what that meant.

We both went for lunch near her house. Accompanied her window shopping. She tried a few tops and skirts and occasiaonally flashes at me as she opened the door of the changing room. Nice. She even appear bottom naked with her fingers playing with her pussy. That went on for a couple of shops until we decided that it was too horny to just keep teasing. (more of her teasing me that the other way's a welcome change)

I drove back to her place. No one's at home. Her parents are out for holiday somewhere in the east coast and the only other soul that will see us copulating is her poor dog.

We had a shower together. Lukewarm water trickled down my face and wet my body as she stepped into the shower with me. Her breast heaving as she looked at me. She ran her fingers on my chest, passing lightly over my nipples, which hardened with goosebumps instantly. I did the same.

Her nipples, pinkish brown slowly became hard with my fingers teasing them. Feeling them hardening in my fingers as i move in and suck on them, using my tougue to press onto it while licking, flicking and suking on them. I had a mouthful of water as i was doing it.

The saltiness of her body being washed off by the running water and her soft sigh and moans echoed in the bathroom as i press her against the cold tiled wall and my lips locked onto her breast. My hands were roaming freely on her waist, down to her hips and spreaded her legs slowly, coaxing them to relax as i slowly slid my hands between the smooth thighs.

I came to the nest. I touched it, brushed against the bare flesh lightly, i parted her cunt lips. She was wet. The wetness of her pussy caused by her juices flowing on my fingers when i opened her labia was different kinda wet from the water that is also washing her wetness slowly away. It was more fluid and slippery.

I turned her around, making her face the wall, water running down her back, her leg spread and her ass propped higher than the usual standing position. She wants me to take her doggy.

I move my cock near her cunt. Feeling her hotness and the seemingly pulsating cunt of hers pulling my cock into her.

I ram my cock deep into her. I pulled her away from the wall, asking her to bend over and hold on her ankle while standing up.

I held on to her waist. I fucked her. I fucked her hard. Her voice echoed in the bathroom. The water mixes with our lust and her juices. It was wet. Smooth. Dirty.

We didn't finish the fuck in the toilet. I withdrawn the moment she said she was cumming. Frankly, i know i was cumming as well. But i won't let the session end just that way.

I made her dry her hair. Made her wear her lingerie. She was due for he waxing, hairs were spruting out everywhere, but it is still ok as she has light thin pubic hair.

I drew her night and day curtain. The room became darker in the midst of the hot afternoon. Seek her permission to switch on her room aircond, which she told me that we will sweat like some pig copulating by the end of the session. I take that as a yes.

M came out wearing just a sheer t-shirt. Old enough to be retired in the dustbin. She said that lingerie are a waste of time. It will only stay on the body for like less than 5 minutes. She is right. The T shirt went off in 60 seconds.

She was lying in her bed, naked. Smelling clean. I instantly went on to kiss her. Doing my usual thingy with my tougue to her body. I licked and i kissed her body, from her forehead to the tip of her toe, sucking on each toes as i look at her in the eyes. I licked her fingers, sucking them like how i wanted her to suck my cock. I licked and flirted with her breast, sucking and leaving tiny kisses all over her breast and nipples, pulling them with the suction of my mouth over her nipples and licking them until they are hard.

I sank my tougue into her cunt after sometime.

Her juices flowed out like some leaking pipe. Covering my lips and face slowly as the more i licked on them, juices were flowing and my tougue was tirelessly licking and lapping it all up. Her pussy looked like the bonnet of the VW Beetle. Her labias are well hidden, but not from my preying tougue.

I inserted a finger, then two into her pussy and proceeded to finger fucked her. I searched inside her pussy for her G-spot. I asked her to tell me where it felt nice. I thought i found it when she asked me to go a bit higher.

"yes baby, yes, there it is, press on it harder, yes...", she said.

My cock was throbbing, it was aching because of my weekend sexcapade with myself. But i knew i was hard. I knew i wanted her. She knows it. She wants it.

I continued licking and sucking the area around her clit, avoiding any direct contact with her clit as i made the "come here" movement with my index and middle finger inside her pussy.

As she approached orgasm, she asked and pleaded with me to lick her harder around her clit and suck her on her clit. I did just that and within minutes, she was buckling around my mouth like a wild horse trying to shake the rider off her back...

Her face was flushed and her chest was red with blood gushing around that area.

I move on my knee towards her. Shoved my cock into her face and asked her to suck me.

She sucked me. Taking my shaft slowly and devouring it while she held onto the base and my balls. She moaned while sucking me. Something i love. The feeling of the moaning sound sorta gives small vibration and send shivers down my spine. It's the same way M loves it when i eat her out and tried talking to her at the same time...

I had her sucked me until she was almost jaw locked. By then, she had almost recovered from her orgasm.

I mounted her missionary.

I entered her. Her pussy still wet in the inner part. The outer part was a bit dry due to the air conditioning. I wet the outer lips with my saliva and it eased the entrance into her love hole.

"Fuck me baby, the way you does best", She said.

I gave it to her. The weekend of too much self pleasuring sorta made me last longer. A bit wee longer than i expected myself to be. She became dry at times, which was rectified by me putting on saliva on the outer part of her pussy (that's the problem with VW pussy i guessed). I fucked her with such wild vagabond. Her legs on my chest, on my shoulder, crossed against my chest...slamming hard into balls hitting her cock withdrawing and dissappearing into her cunt. She came twice. And twice she came. I gave her seconds between orgasm to savour the spasming and the raking of her fingernails into my shoulder and back. I pumped and fucked her with such energy and vigour that i finally came...

I unloaded all over her. The first spurt went over her shoulder, hitting her hair. The rest landed over her left nipple and breast, with trickling over her navel button.

My cock was still hard. It was twitching. It was one of those rare moments that i could still stay hard after cumming.

I asked M to lick me clean. She knew what i wanted to do.

I entered her again. I fucked her and she came for the third time yesterday afternoon before i unloaded what seems to be drops of cums on her belly. I was satisfied. She was worn out.

I stayed on with her until close to dinner time when i excused myself to go back home.

When i reached home...i recieved a call from C. I knew i'm getting some again, later at night.

At that point, i seriously doubt if i could even afford a hard on for C anymore. I was almost worn. Knee slightly weak and head slighty dizzy.

"I'll buy dinner over". C said.

I'll write about that, later.

I spoke to M this morning, she told me her pussy was sore. Might be OUT of SERVICE for a day or two, and asked me to check on her tomorrow.

I will. And lets see where it leads to, again.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reposting-31st May - C, The Ultimate MILF

31 May 2005

C, The Ultimate MILF

MILF. Hands up for those that does not know what that meant.

I can see nobody though.

I had the fortunate chance to be with one. It was years back, but we do still keep in touch, and i do drop by her place once in a while until today, as i'm writing this.

She's in her late 30's now. C. Yeah, lets call her just that. C.

Matured woman turns me on. Not sure why. Some friends said it is because i'm in dire need of a motherly figure.

I don't think so. I don't do my own mother, that's way disgusting.

I think, it got to do with the fact that matured woman are well, more matured. Less likely to throw tantrum and easier to reason with. They are also less likely to get jealous, and do not think that the girls in their late teens or early 20's are such threat to them.

In short, they are definately a turn on.

I met C when i was earning some pocket money when i was on holiday. She does insurance and she has her own office in town where most insurance agent/agency manager has their office were.

I dind't know she was a divorcee until one of her subordinates told me. Well, to be divorced at such young age and having to take care of one young kid is no joke. her husband left her for anohter older woman, of a different faith and race.

C is authorative. Infact, it wasn't C that employed me, but one of her workmate. My duty was to be, well, office boy/runner. I am sure you guys/girls that is doing insurance knows about those running about that involves going from the insurance company HQ to pay those premiums and to get those figures that will be churned out by the PC. It's all gibberish to me, until now.

I do not know what is insurance rider, i know know who is the girl that would ride me.

I do not know what extra coverage meant, except when i lick and make sure the women's body is well covered by my hands and tongue.

In short, i'm just a do-er. I run between the HQ and their office. I run from here to there. I get the things done. RM300 a month was a lot of money for me. I skipped lunch to save more for the things i want. I get off the bus at one station earlier so i need not pay the full fare.

My fortunate encounter with C came one day when i was in the office during a public holiday. I dind't know why i was there actually, but if my memories doesn't fail me, it was because i misplaced someone's payment reciept and i had to go and look for it.

C was coincidently there as well, so is a few of her agents.

I saw them in casual wear. You know, some insurance agent do dresses up to the nine, to impress their client. It was refreshing to see them in casual wear. I myself was in my shorts.

C wore a tee shirt with some prints in front. It was also then that i noticed that she has nice boobs.

Standing at about 5"4' and i think she looked like she weight about 60kg. Her body was still solid, despite being a mother of one.

Slowly, everyone left and it was only me and C that was in the office. She came out and started to talk to me. Asking me about my family and my studies. I answered as accurately as i could. I felt dominated. I feel her power. I felt her charm infact.

It was also then i noticed she was wearing a black bra and it stood out in contrast against her white tee. She was also wearing a knee length denim skirt. Her calf toned.

"Do you work out?" I asked, trying to break the silence.

"I do aerobics", she answered while moving her arms as if she's doing some aerobics.

Her breast jigged in unison as she lifted her arms to move.

I had a hard on. It's wrong, i told myself.

I have no recollection of what tranpired or what conversation i had after that but i i recalled was her asking if i had a girlfriend.

"Yeah, but she's an Ex now", i said.

I went into details of what happened in the relationship and i could sense that she knew i lost my virginity to this girl.

Her words were filled with innuendos. Her voice sweet, and her body enticing.

It wasn't until the next weekend that anything happened. And since then, i found myself at her office every Sunday. I don't even recalled how exactly it happened the first time, but her innuendos and her words seems to be very sexually orientated everytime we spoke. She love to touch. And all i know was she send goosebumps down my spine everytime we had sex.

She gave me the most amazing blowjob back then. (nowaday, i got too many to compare).

For a woman her age, even now, she maintained her figure and youth really well. She has had relationship on and off and she do not call or keep in touch with me if she's in a relationship. Very much a one man's woman. Just lately, she's been lonely, and i've been helping her fill up her lonely nights.

Stretch marks and cellulite aside, she is a very charming lady. If someone classify MILF as some hot babe that could make you juice in matters of second, i would classify my MILF as someone that would be able to fullfill both my sexual desire, and at the same time, being someone older that could impart wisdom and advices as well.

To thank, C, Thanks for enriching my sexual life in general and my personal life, specifically. You certainly deserves all those allocades i've given to you and how i would worship your beautiful pussy and breast. You've made a man out of me, and i know, those girls out there are secretly thanking you for making me, who i am, to them as well.

Will see you soon, again.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reposting - 24th June - Those Years

Those years...

She was really sore for the next few days.

But the feeling of happiness, and contentment was there.

Touchy Feely and lovingly, we know that that was what both of u s wanted.

"So, he didn't took your virginity away, like he claimed to half the world eh?" I asked one day.

" Who?", She replied, puzzled.

" You know who, X!", i lamented.

She didn't speak to me for a full 2 days after that.

Well, when you are that young, and naive, those 2 days felt like shit.

And the thoughts that you'll not get to FUCK again keep pounding in my head.

I apologised later, and explained why i said that.

She told me she was hurted by my statement. I was merely trying to find the truth, and she knows that.

She owned up, saying nothing more than the first base stuff. And the very very reason she allowed me to deflower her was not because she have to, but she wanted to.

OK. The lil head did some thinking and figured that he was convinced.

Those years down the road was eventful.

We learnt everything ourselves. Finding out our fetishes, like, dislikes.

We were adventourous. The beach. The Public Toilet. The Club. The car. The Office. The changing room.

It was a norm for her to give me the BJ while i'm driving. I'll finger her in return.

She mastered the form of giving me the BJ the way that would make me cum the fastest. Sometimes, it hurts. The shivering and the orgasm was great. She would gladly swallow them all.

I've also learnt the billing method, otherwise known as the rhythm method. It helps because her menses are the 28 days cycle and reall really on the dot. Sex life was great. it was superb. I could time my own orgasm with hers. Satisfying her before i satisfied myself.

She loves the throbbing in her pussy when i cum in her. She loves it when the cum dribble down her thighs when she stood up. She loves it when on her fertile days, i unload the whole load onto her breast, and she would smear it all over her tits.

Her tits, which was a B cupper when i first known her, grew to a C cup years later. It was a handful. I was more than happy.

She grew into a beautiful woman before my eyes. When she was 19, she was a total babe. She was wild. I made her to be so.

Going out without wearing any panties and bras was a norm, and she would always whisper sweet notti nothing into my ears.

She would suck me until i cum, gleefully swallowing it after showing me how much i've unloaded into her.

She was amazing.

And i was getting regular sex, and it wasn't just the sex. It was heavenly sex.

You name it, we've done it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reposting - 25th May - Desperation

25 May 2005

In Desperation...FUCK!

I was chatting with this fellow blogger of mine and the topic of shagging out of desperation surfaced.

Now, the longest i went without sex was maybe 3 months at it's most.

Those were also the period when my forearms and fingers grew extra muscles to cater for those multiple movement which my hard throbbing cock could afford to muster.

Infact, i thought i went blind for a while.

Then, this friend of mine, which i know for the longest time asked me if i know of anyone willing to service her. Her beau was posted somewhere else on earth and he won't be around for at least 6 months.

"why not me?", I asked.

"That, my brother, would be incest", she said.

Well, in a way, that's pretty true and accurate.

I was at my driest point in my sexual life. And she is in need of some release.

We did talked about the implication it will have to our friendship/brother/sisterhood. But the temptation was just too strong.

To cut the story short. We fucked. Twice.

She called one day and asked if i was still in my office, as she was around my area. I told her yes.

She came over, still in her office clothes; knee length skirt and fitting tops.

She's about 5"5', long hair, At least D cupper and she's about 75kg. Yeah, a lil on the heavy side. But her charm and her beauty is irresistable.

I asked if she was interested to see some action, just teasing her with some porns in my drawers. She said yes and i put on the VCD on my PC.

We laughed initially seeing the men and women going at each other. But before we know it, we were kising each other and i found my hands inside her blouse...

The porns didn't matter anymore after that. The Office carpet and my table became the playground of lust. We were undressed even before we knew what happened.

" are you sure?", she asked.

"Hell YES!", I answered unbuttoning her.

I went down on her, she had cute lil moles near her pussy and her labia was huge. Maybe it comes with her body frame size.

I licked her labia earnestly, puling them apart with my lips and licked and flicked on her clit. My fingers went into her cunt and explored it, hoping to find her Magic Spot.

"Slowly", she said, as i licked on her clit.

"Like this??", i asked for assurance.

Silence are usually consent. I ate her until i could feel her cunt spasming around my fingers. I stopped.

I positioned myself over her and entered her.

We changed position every other minutes. Doggy. She on top, Sideways.

I only know i had bad carpet burn on my knees and her knees.

We spent the rest of the evening in my office. Sufficed to say, satisfied and gained new trust in each other.

"This shalt not go out to anyone, you understand???", She persisted.

"Yes Ma'am, the pleasure shalt be mine", i told her.

We had it going one more time before we left the office and since the knee hurts, my table was used as the spot of choice.

I came once more, but she was more than contended just to feel my cum all over her breast, and lower chin.

I had it with her later in a week's time and that was our last.

We remain good friends until today, for there is something that only the two of us, and those furnitures in my office knows.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Reposting - 28th May - Size, Does it really matters?

28 May 2005

Size, does it really matters?

I received an sms from one of the girl i'm seeing, she told me that i got big dick, and she hopes i'll come over yesterday and shove it up her cunt.

Alright, that's some ego boost. I always thought i'm average. I mean, who isn't?

The whole issue of those african american's dick being 12 inch and all are way overrated.

And those of the japanese guys being all tiny and weeny are not true.

Size is superlative, isn't it?

Superlative in the sense that i think the usual convention for a girl to know how long is the guy's dick is by looking at the size of his palm.

Tell me frankly, i'm sure when you guys out there have sex with Madamme Palm and her 4 daughters, your jewel will sit nicely on your palm and the extra length will protrude by at least an inch or an inch and half, isn't it?

Well, that also meant that if that happens, you guys out there are most probably 5 3/4 inch to 6 1/2 inch in length, and most probably at the max of 1 1/2 inch in girth.

Actually, the cunt do not need a huge mofo to make them feel as if they are being suffocated. Clinical studies has shown that the only sensitive part of a woman's pussy is up till 2 inches from the vagina's opening. This also meant that, if is suffice for you to have a 3 inch cock and still make your woman happy.


Well, in reality, women, just like men, are obsessed with size.

Big car, big stones, big house, big chair, big pay check, big dick, big breast.

I've spoken to a few female companions, some who had had huge cocks in their life. They tell me it's no fun. It makes sex painful! Make them sore for weeks, and that means all sort of horniness will have to wait.

Now, before you guys thinks that fun, try having sex with a woman which is not well lubricated. Does your dick hurt?

So, be more compassionate, if she isn't lubricating well enough, you aren't doing your work as yet.

Be like the sexploitster, eat them proper, for those that loves to be eaten. Or serenade them with songs or be a lil more kinky or romantic.

Men are visual animals, give them everything big that they wanted, they will have the hard on and ready to fuck.

Woman are emotional being. You got to tap into their emotions. Tap into their souls. Then, you are definately going to tap into her love hole.

The fine art of having sex/making love/copulating/fornication requires more that just grunting, or moaning, or claiming that you could last until the cows cum home. No woman likes to be fucked for hours. Their legs will seize and cramp and you will mistaken that for her being overly sexcited.

And you cumplain why the sex wasn't good.

For goodness sake, start with yourself! It's not the size, it's how you use it.

or in more lame terms, it's not the size of the boat, but the waves that rocks it.

And in any case any of you men feels insecure about your size, just get a chic with small hands, that should solve your inferiority problems with your poor little horny dick.

And no, i didn't go over and shag the girl yesterday, was too tired, and I think i need a rest.

And oh ya, before i go for the weekend, remember, i know you guys loves to have some slim model looking like chics to shag, before you go and get yourself one, please make sure that you are also the same lean, mean model looking like alpha male. Lets be less judgemental, we are only afterall, human, and we our only other reason for existence is to re-create human, again.


Reposting - 23rd June - Sex In The Club

23 June 2005

Sex In the Club...

I know. it's risky, and if you ask me now, i didn't know why i even did it.

I guessed, when you were young and dangerous (with no reference to the movie that involve triad), everything is possible. There were no fear. No worries.

The said incident took place at one of the club in KL, which was above coffee bean, near that place where most old SPGs hang out la. (i do not mean any malice to any SPG of any ages).

Anyway, if it interest you, it was with my ex actually. yeah, that LONG ago.

Back then this club offers pool tables, loads of them actually to be compared to other clubs. This place was also quiet, with almost minimal crowd even at it's most peak hour/season/days. Maybe the other club across the road which is now a Thai restaurant commands better patronage.

Infact, this club was actually feautured in one of the dailies because of the *bar top dancing*, way before the other club in 12SI did, that's what i call *ahead of it's time*, but i guess, the mere fact that they couldn't sustain the crowd was their failure...

Anyway, back to the story i'm about to tell.

My Ex, lets just call her X. She's adventourous. In the club was just one of the many other location we did it, in almost full public view. The setup was simple. She wore a knee length skirt, which allows her to spread her legs without being too obvious, and of course, with no panties.

I in my boxers and linen drawstring pants (ok, back then, only pansies wear those, but it's for sex, it's forgiveable). Easy access, i reckon ;-)

We reached the club on the first floor at about after dinner time, crowd wasn't packing in just yet. We had a few games of pool, of which some of my friends started coming in and joined us. Drinks were cheap back then and pool were like RM2/game.

As the crowd started to flow in, so did some of the patrons starting to climb up the bar top, with ultraviolet floro lights!!!! As if the patron knews it, it is not surprising to catch some of them in white panties, smiling at those that wants to see, even from street level!

Anyway, attention shifted to the dancing patrons, that is when we know we had to do it. X went to the ladies, supposedly to lube up a bit, with water or her own saliva...

I sat down at the corner of the club (on the sofa, of course), dark with strobes lights only flashing every now and then.

She pretended to move and sat on my lap. Inching slowly as she pull my pants lower and grab my dick, which was already hard because of the anticipation.

She hiked up her skirt, jsut enough to position herself over my throbbing dick. Pussy dry, with jsut a tinge of wetness. but that won't take long for it to be soaking wet.

Entrance was harsh and rough due to lack of lubrication. The pain that pleasureable. The excitement was unbearable.

In a few seconds, i was in her, throbbing. She was on my lap, so to say, lying down with her back against my chest, as if we are just hugging.

Perfect. Even if someone notice it, they will just think of it as two horny teenagers rubbing each other to the song by Kaoma (Lambada, remember???).

We didn't move much. There wasn't any need to. I jsut have to make sure that X don't moan, or show some horny slutty face as she moves and gyrate slowly against my cock in her. The sensation was immense. Perhaps, it was being kinky and you know that there is risk being caught, that became the whole essence on why this worked well.

"move to the music, ling", I whispered to her.

"goddammit, you know that will make me ride you harder, isn't it?", she said, trying to put up a serious face.

Her cunt was already wet. I could feel her juices seeping through my thighs as she contract her PC muscles as she gyrates her cunt and hips against my pelvic bone and cock.

Maybe it was sweat. Sweat because she is getting really hot down there. Almost burning. My cock throbbed. I could feel cum building up in my balls, which was also squashed between my thighs and her butt.

"Stop", i said.

"I'm cumming", I added.

"So soon? that's not you...But don't cum yet. I want more", She whispered.

It was agony trying to hold back my cum. I had to practice one of the skill that i known of, to delay ejaculation. It takes a lot of practice, and it could be done after you mastered the art of holding back. but first, take my advice guys, exercise your PC Muscle as well.

How you do it? well, the first pee in the morning, try letting your baldder go slowly, contracting the muscle as you let your pee out, stop and hold back and count to five, then let go, then stop, repeat and go until your bladder is empty. The sensation you will feel, will be as if you are going through some ritualistic torture, but the end effect in bed, is well worth it. This has also been actually my secret of being able to hold back from peeing when i was caught in bad traffic jams.

When you mastered your PC muscle by making them stronger, you will feel that you could actually *divert* your cum, from cumming into your bladder (as essentially, the urethra acts as the common passage for urine and cum). Think of your internal mechanism actually comes witha check valve; that is why you won't pee when you're having sex, no matter how much you need to pee. it's the matter of reversing that *check valve* function ;-)

OK, Before this turn into Sex 101, lets get back to the story.

I didn't cum, I let her ride and gyrate on me. I knew she almost came, as i know what she will do when she is cumming. She sinked her nails into my flesh, in this case, my thigh. It was painful, i much prefer it to be my shoulder or my back, but thigh...ouch.

Being the one to want to please, i bear with the pain. She stopped short of cumming to the music of Bon Jovi. She moved away, almost exposing my cock to the general public (thank godness it is dark!)

She slumped next to me. Smiling.

"can we go home now?", She asked, cheekily, placing her hand on my cock as if not on purpose.

We shot back home. She gave me a BJ on the way back to her rented room near her Uni. That was also the time i reckon that couple having/giving Bj in car are more dangerous than drunk driver.

I fingered her whenever i don't need to change gear while driving.

By the time we reach home. We are both so aroused. So wet. So sexcited. The sex lasted only 2 minutes. 2 minutes of pure hot fucking uncivilised fuck of slamming and banging that we both fell asleep soon after, cuddling up.

But of course, the next morning session was a complete different story. It was long, intense and had us sleeping in until past lunch hours.